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Service Contracts

Updates, Anti-virus Software, Preventative Maintenance, Network Monitoring, and even simple questions can take up time in your day. Most of the time your computer will do them automatically, but does anybody periodically check that it does? Not catching problems in time creates bigger problems. Bigger problems result in more down time. And nobody likes down time. Maintenance cannot prevent all disasters, but it puts a noticeable dent in them.

Service contracts are aimed at two types of business:

1. a small business with heavy reliance on computers and no time or inclination to learn and perform routine maintenance, and

2. A dynamic network environment with an ebb and flow of hardware and users.

The goal of a Service contract is to provide an affordable and reliable access to a technician in blocks of five or ten minutes for a minimum monthly fee, rather than having to pay a minimum callout fee for each incident regardless of how minor, or to have regularly scheduled visits to attend to things that crop up. The end result is that a knowledgeable and reliable technician has his finger on the pulse of your network.

Service contracts will be determined on a case by case basis, but the template is a monthly fee of 40 minutes of billable time, which buys up to the first 60 minutes, on the understanding that during many months the full 60 minutes will be used, and on some months less than 20 will be used. You can view a sample contract here Please mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss options.

Please note that Computerisms may wish to alter the terms of a service contract for larger or more complex networks. 



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