Custom Firewalls - Computerisms


Computerisms uses retired and underpowered computers to build firewall systems.  With the full power of a computer backing it, these firewalls are highly capable when compared to consumer-grade devices.  They can be used to gather a great deal of information not only about the network they are protecting, but the internet connection as well.  This can be extremely useful when troubleshooting problems with Northwestel.  They can also be used to control traffic in or out of a network with extremely fine-grained control, providing a superior layer of network security.


Firewalls built by Computerisms are used regularly to provide VPN tunnels for customers.  VPN tunnels provide ultra-secure tunnels across the internet to resources stored on a company's local network.  Windows, Mac and LInux laptops can access those resources without the need for 3rd party software, and are very user-friendly solutions.

Bandwidth Management

In addition to securely firewalling a network, superior network troubleshooting tools, and providing ultra-secure remote network access to local resources, firewalls built by Computerisms are also extremely capable bandwidth management tools.  Computerisms has successfully used these tools to argue against unwarranted bandwidth overage charges from Northwestel, or identify bandwidth abusing devices.  Computerisms can also use these firewalls to prevent abusive bandwith usage, or to prioritize network traffic to ensure smooth uninterrupted service to critical services such as VoIP.  

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