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A mentor once said that security is a state of mind.  He explained that it cannot be a single thing that you can buy, but must be a combination of tools, education, and procedures.  Computerisms puts this advice at the core of network design, implementing layers of security using firewalls, anti-virus and security software, user education, network policy, file permissions, hard drive encryption, and X509 Certificates for network identification and encryption of data transmission.  

Another mentor once posited that security is the anti-thesis to convenience.  If you want security, unplug the network cable, but it's awfully inconvenient if you want to check your email.  The right balance between making things secure enough that end-users don't get into trouble without making their network environment prohbitively difficult to use can be elusive, and requires considerable knowledge and experience with technology, protocols, and the end-user experience to achieve.  Knowledge and experience that Computerisms has.

To complicate the matter further, the term "System Security" is an extremely generic term applied to computers and networks, but frequently is also meant to include technology such as security cameras, key fob entry systems, alarm systems, and physical access to computers and data storage media.  While not specifically computers or networks, they integrate tightly with them, and Computerisms has gained overlapping experience with these technologies as a result of better than a decade in the Information Technology industry.

Computerisms would add to the wisdom of previous mentors: plan a little for the 999,999 times things go right, but plan a lot for the one in a million times things go wrong.  Whether your security concerns are about the internet, your data, physical access to your premises, your wireless networks, or viruses on your computer, Computerisms knows how to keep your risks to a minimum.


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