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An online presence is a marriage of several bits of technologies that when correctly orchestrated can provide a cohesive marketing and management tool. From the very basics of web sites and emails, through the socially popular items like blogs and online photo galleries, to the functionally business-like sites for wikis and e-commerce, Computerisms has, or has access to, the resources you need. Design and artistry is not a service provided by Computerisms, but contacts and recommendations for such services are happily provided.

SSL Certificates

For Email services, there are no purchasable certificates that conform to my security requirements and hosting configuration.  So we built our own.  This means that we have a slightly non-standard setup when configuring your devices for email.  The Help Pages have more information on how to do that.

For Websites and all other services, Computerisms offers Let'sEncrypt certificates as part of its hosting services.  These certificates are fee of charge, and will provide the basic function of encrypting all traffic to and from your web sites and other web-related services. 

Computerisms also sells certificates provided by a number of well-known Certificate providers, and will configure our hosting platform to use them for you as part of our service.  Please contact us for pricing and information


Basic Hosting Package:Advanced Hosting Package (Email and Web Site can be Hosted Elsewhere):
DNS Hosting and Management Online Shareable Calendars
Web Page or Web Application Hosting Online Shared Address Books
Email Hosting - including webmail access, server side virus/spam filtering Large File Transfer via Email Notification
Free Support for Client setup and configuration (up to 3 computers) Online File Storage

Please See Computerisms Help Pages for More Information on Advanced Features.

Email-Only HostingAvailable DomainsPricing

Up to 5 email addresses

Includes shared Calendars and Address Books

$55 / Year


Domain Name Purchase/Renewal for .com / .net / .org / etc... $ 20 / Year
Domain Name Purchase/Renewal for .ca $ 20 / Year
Domain Name Purchase/Renewal for other TLDs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Domain Name and Basic Hosting Setup* $ 50 / One time fee
Client Setup free up to 3 Computers
Advanced Hosting Setup $ 25 / One time fee with Basic Hosting
$ 50 / One time fee without Basic Hosting
Client Setup is Billed Hourly
Basic Hosting (Includes Database)** $   15 / Month
$ 165 / Year
Advanced Hosting $   15 / Month
$ 165 / Year
Bundled Basic + Advanced Hosting $   25 / Month
$ 300 / Year
Web Application Installs*** $  40 / One time fee
Or Free with a full year of hosting

*Includes setup/management of domain, Server configurations, and onsite/telephone assistance with email clients and other related software
**Includes telephone support, domain name management, and server side email spam and virus filtering
***Software such as Joomla, OsCommerce, or WordPress
Other fees may apply based upon service requirements. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or wish to make further discussion.


Please review the following links to the legal agreements applicable to Domain Name ownership:


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