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Real time monitoring can alert you to problems before they happen.  Knowing that your computer is under heavy load or that your drive is about to fill up allows you to do something about it before it becomes a problem.  


Nagios is a well-known and respected monitoring system.  It is highly configurable and can be deployed for small networks in one building or large geographically diverse Wide Area Networks.  Alerts can be configured to various severity levels and numerous recipients, and can be triggered by events such as network outages, degraded network capacity, server load, disk space usage, service failure, or any number of other conditions.  

Monitoring Service 

Computerisms provides a hosted monitoring service for a base price of $30/month per server being monitored, with a minimum 3 month contract.  This will include configuring the monitored server and monitoring service to include network connectivity, CPU load, disk usage, memory usage and services, along with any customized reporting that is required.  Securing remote network traffic will generally be included if you have a firewall/VPN solution provided by Computerisms, but may result in setup fees if you do not.

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