Computer Repair - Computerisms


While our computers can do so many smart things, we still have to keep in mind that they are machines. And every machine, without exception, needs repair and maintenance. Good communication between technician and end user, and Preventative Maintenance, will keep the need for repairs to a minimum; but timely and efficient service when it is required, along with a solid understanding of your network environment, is of the utmost importance. Work is done on location or pick up and delivery are taken care of.

  • Rate: $ 135 / hour - Billed in 20 minute increments


Non-business computers need repair and maintenance too. Residential computers, generally, are not mission critical money generators, so they are not given the same priority as Business computers. However, evening visits and flexible scheduling will still ensure timely responses. Often having someone who can talk about computers in plain English and will teach you proper preventative maintenance to reduce future need for services, and can be a very rewarding experience.

  • Rate: $ 120 / hour - Billed in 20 minute increments



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