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Corporate Networking

Corporate networks require an extra layer of knowledge and experience.  Successfully implementing and maintaining such a network incorporates a mesh of technologies that need the oversight of an individual with a wide range of skills.  Using Linux and Open Source Software, Computerisms can provide such a network at a remarkably lower cost than traditional software solutions, while providing a superior feature set and unparalleled reliability.

  •  Rates up to $150 / hour


One one hand, not every organization in the North can, or should, bear the expense of a full time Network Administrator.  On the other hand, every network is made of machines, and machines need maintenance.  Furthermore, users encounter problems that are beyond their technical expertise to solve.  One cannot escape the fact that a human presence is required from time to time.  A corporate network built and maintained by Computerisms can be maintained with support by a person with a minimal skill set, such as a person filling another role for the organization, or can provide a complete and cost-effective alternative to a full-time employee.

Computerisms structures its systems to require a minimum of maintenance, and such that most of that maintenance can be performed remotely.  We also provide extensive documentation so that anyone with minimal technical skill can perform most maintenance tasks that require a physical presence.  And we are available to provide friendly, helpful and timely telephone or email support.  

Additionally, our documentation provides step-by-step instructions for end-users on the usage of each network feature in order to minimize the need for costly technical assistance.  We place a particular emphasis on building up the knowledge and capacity of individuals by making information easily accessible to them.  

For those times when there is just no substitute for having an expert physically on-site, Computerisms can provide timely service calls or routine maintenance visits.


It has been a long-standing challenge to provide a complete list of features without using baffling techno-jargon.  For those who still want the baffling techno-jargon, Computerisms has provided COCNM, the Computerisms Open Corporate Network Model, which is instructions on how to build a Corporate Network using Open Source Software.  For those who don't want baffling techno-jargon, it is hoped the following diagram provides an easy-to-understand overview of how resources can be managed locally, as well as shared and interconnected across geographically diverse layouts:

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