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We have all seen the pictures of telephone operators sitting in front of a large board full of holes and wearing a headset.  In the beginning days of Public Exchanges, or PBXs, that operator had to physically connect two phone lines in order for one person to call another.  Today, a modern PBX still needs to be able to connect to regular telephone lines, but it must also be able to interconnect with Voice over IP technologies, a number of different digital audio formats, and even video.


With its first official release in 2004, Asterisk has matured into very powerful and flexible PBX software.  Capable of providing a huge list of features and interfacing with a wide variety of protocols, Asterisk has become an industry leader in VoIP technology, and is in use globally to provide telephony services for call centers, hotels, and just about every industry known to commerce.  While many VoIP solutions require a functional internet connection in order for their phone systems to work, an Asterisk system built by Computerisms can also interface with telephone lines from Northwestel, such that your phone system stays running during one of our somewhat frequent Internet outages.

Choosing an Appropriate Telephone/VoIP System 

Generally, an organization will need to have 7-10 telephones in order for an Asterisk system built by Computerisms to be financially viable, as compared to Northwestel's Centrex service or a similar service offered by iristel.   The larger the organization, the more money that will be saved each month, and the sooner the expense of installing your own Telephony System will be recovered.  If you are interested in a new Telephone system give us a call; we want to hear from you...

Some of the Many Features an Asterisk System Built by Computerisms Will Provide:

Voicemail and Unified Messaging Busy / Unavailable Distinction Call Forwarding
Automated Staff Directory Directed Call Pickup Call Waiting
Multi-line Conferencing Number Blacklisting Call Camping
PIN Restricted Conference Rooms Do Not Disturb Call Parking
Blind / Attended Transfer Channel Spying / Barging Customized Music On Hold
Automated Attendants Intercom and Paging Customized System Recordings
On-Demand Call Recording Fax Detection Customized IVR Menus
Ring Groups / Voicemail Groups Time Conditions FindMe / FollowMe Service
Calling Queues Dictation Service External VoIP Service Integration
Password Restricted Long Distance Calling Wake Up Calls Inter-Office Trunking
Call Detail Records Automated IP Phone Provisioning Least Cost Call Routing
Advanced System Statistics Bulk Extension Creation User Training



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